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About Me!

🦇Hia! I'm Lilith! I've adored all things gothic and spooky since I was a child, and love creating, whether that be art, fashion design, photography, or wacky haircuts! 🦇 I'm also diagnosed with autism, which inspired our spooky stim gear line! Throughout my struggles with anxiety and bipolar 1, I became passionate about doing the best I can to spread kindness and positivity in this world. 🦇I love turtles, have coined myself as a deathrocker/goth for about a decade, and probably drink too many energy drinks. (Caffeine fiends unite!)
I am all about alternative fashion and fidgets! 🦇 I'm pretty much running Borderlinepunkdesign by myself, with the occasional collab with other artists such as SocktheGremlin and Ziemael! I want you to be able to experience the same kind of love that I hold for the alternative scene, through the accessible fidgets, accessories, and clothes available at Borderlinepunkdesign. Everybody deserves to have a space in the alternative community, including (but of course, not limited to) us neurodivergents! Never hesitate to reach out, I am here to help and support you if you have questions or concerns. Take care! 🖤

Contact Borderlinepunkdesign

Always feel free to reach out! Never worry about being a bother or being awkward, we always love to hear from our borderlinebabes. 🖤 We will get back to you as soon as we can. Please note - we cannot help with lost packages as that is an issue you must contact USPS about.

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Frequently asked Questions!
🦇What is the best way to contact you? (For general questions, order mishaps, RTS packages) My email! Comments can get buried in my notifications, and it can be hard to check every DM that I get. I’ll get back to you as soon as I can! 🖤 🦇When do you check your email? I tend to check my emails on business days (Mon-Fri) between 9am-12pm and 5:30-6:30pm EST. Because of my autism, answering emails can sometimes be an anxiety-inducing event for me, so in order to be able to provide the best customer service I can for ya’ll, I limit my email checking to those times. I get back to every email that I see! 🦇When do you restock? Fridays, at around 6/7 pm! (EST). It is usually announced on my story and email list (join here:)! Where do you ship to? USA, UK, Germany, Australia, and Canada! I am not currently expanding my shipping zones; I am sorry, friends! In the future when I feel more ready and able to expand shipping, I will! I appreciate your support. 🦇When will I get my order? My processing time is 1-5 business days, depending on the volume of orders, which means I will have it packed and out to USPS 1-5 business days from your order placement date. (The only exception to this is for preorders, customs, or the event that I am sick or something and need to take time off.) For example, an order placed on Friday night would be processed on Monday at the earliest of that next week, and at the latest, it would be packed by that next Friday. :D I will always try to get your package out swiftly and smoothly, with a touch of spooky care, of course! 🦇Why does my label say shipped with no updates? So basically, when I print my shipping labels, my system automatically marks them as shipped for y’all, even if I haven’t packed them yet. Usually, they are packed that same day that they are printed, but on occasion, it might take me some extra time to get to them. I recommend checking the tracking code for a few days if this is the case on your order, but please don’t hesitate to send me an email if you have questions. I’m always happy to help and let you know what’s happening! 🦇What chew would you recommend for my child? I do not recommend any of our chew products for children or teething babies. Real talk - I value you and your little one’s safety over anything, and I do not personally feel comfortable at the thought of children or teething babies using my products. 🦇Can I chew on these with braces? I do not recommend chewelry if you have braces. Chewelry is made from soft, flexible food-grade silicone and does not hurt your teeth when used correctly. Please talk to your dentist/orthodontist to discuss the use of chewelry if you are concerned about braces/tooth damage before purchasing a chew. (Disclaimer: Lilith uses chewelry with braces as her orthodontist gave her the okay to do so. This may not be the case for everyone. ) 🦇How do you clean your chew? How frequently do you need to clean it? The best methods are washing with soap and warm water or using a pacifier wipe! We recommend cleaning it after every use. Chewerly hygiene is essential to keep yourself safe from germs. Wash frequently. Thank you all! Have a wonderful day!